At Church of Yeshua Hamashiach (Revival Chapel), we take very seriously our mission to teach the gospel around the world. We try to be zealous in pursuing that mission. As already indicated, we heavily emphasize the teaching of God’s word at all of our regular services.

We regularly, and in very focused ways, strive to communicate the gospel throughout Aflao and its surrounding communities by means of:


  • Radio


  • Proving the written word of God

We distribute Bibles from our supporters to the less privilege people also for free!


  • Television (coming soon)


  • House to House Ministry

We are heavily involved in House to House ministry, both locally and in other areas.


  • Bible Studies / Teaching

Through this website, we will offer Bible studies through the regular mail all across this nation and literally around the world, for free!


We also We have future plan to build private school for the less privilege people to feel the love of God. Also. our Children’s ministry is in progress already. 


Partner with Us!

Donate to Church of Yeshua Hamashiach (Revival Chapel). Every bit counts and no amount is too small. Your generous giving goes a long way to help the church projects and those in need.


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