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What Causes a Spouse to Be Unfaithful?

December 15, 2015

Faithfulness comes from God, when one is willing, God will always make away for the family to remain faithful. God Just needs our willingness to impart power (Holy Spirit) in order to control ourselves in all area of life. If one is faithful to God, He or she will be faithful to the partner. If you can not be faithful in courtship, you can never be faithful in marriage, if you can not be faithful to God, you cannot be faithful in anything. We all needs repentance as I may put it properly.

BIBLE VERSE: Mark10: 8- 11-12 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her. And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.


Many of us who are in marriage cannot be faithful to our marital homes. Especially men, even though nowadays many women are also into it, from time memorial, most men by nature, cannot control themselves when it comes to sex. The day that the First Adam, breeched the Law of Obedient, men find it difficult to control themselves. To be able to control yourself, you need to obey God and willing to accept his rules for Marriage.

Here are few things which causes spouse to be unfaithful.
Among men:

1. The Satan is the author of unfaithfulness
He always deceives men to violet God’s rules.
2. When the second Adam (Jesus Christ) is not in your life fully, and your conscience are not active.
There is a different between a Christian and Church goers. A true Christian conscience is active, ready to sense danger in marriage. Church goers are far from God and do everything to satisfy their heart desire. Even, people in the world are more faithful than some men in the Church today. People in the world fear their gods and will dare to do anything evil against their marriage. When men lack fear of God, unfaithfulness become their sleeping mat.
3. Out of frustrations: Many men after marriage for so many years, child bearing becomes headache, becomes discouraged and confused which leads to adultery. Sometimes the woman asks them to find another woman as Sarah of the Bible did. When we intent to forget God will in the marriage, in term of Child bearing, its leads to treachery.
4. Biological background: Some men within their genes are polygamy, no matter how he tries to be faithful, fall into the pit of hell. There are kind of forces that pull souls to do what they don’t want to do.
5. When men have experience sex before Marriage and their wives cannot satisfy them. There are men who are like “dogs” who want to have sex like dogs and donkey and will never be satisfied. Such men, when their wives are in their menses (period of menstruations), they can easily have sex with them.
6. When the man is possessed: When a man is possessed the life that he lives, it is no more he that lives but been control by evil forces. He does things out of his will.
7. When a family or a man is been cursed by another person like a woman, that he betrayed or cheated on before married. Curse is like a seed sow into his life and it works gradually until it finishes with you.
8. When a man has blood covenant with other women before marriage and the covenant is not broken by prayer. Such men are never faithful in marriage.
9. When a man lust at every woman he sees, can also cause unfaithfulness
10. When a man is not content with his wife in all areas ie cooking, comportment, respect, love, peace, etc
11. When a man married a troublesome wife and the woman keep on troubling him. Hmmmm troublesome wives are like “gift from Satan” vise versa. She will cause you to do more than you think because your brain can no more function well. We should pray for the grace.
12. Forces from extended family can also cause it.
13. When a man married a woman that he was forced to married or due to pregnancy and the woman comes to stay-in (marriage without bride price or wedding according to other people culture). When a man is with what he hates, tends to be frustrated and weird.
14. Arrows from peer groups. Friends also cause living souls to be unfaithful.
15. Meeting a seductive woman without discernment.
16. It can also occur through charm. When a married soul is not prayerful he can be attached spiritually to be unfaithful. Just be careful what you eat out side of Home.
17. If the man does not have a good counselor, it leads to adultery.
18. Habitual drunkenness: When you are drunk, you can early be unfaithful.
19. Lack of Love for you partner: some men even brings woman to their matrimonial home or bed to have sex.
20. Not knowing the consequence of what your are planning to do, can also leads to unfaithfulness etc. Jesus said the other day; leave them because they don’t know what they are doing. My question is, does it means they don’t really know what they are doing? No, mostly we know what we do accept we don’t know the outcome fully. When a man is not faithful, he knows what he is doing but hmmm does not know the consequences.
21. In Africa, most women after marriage do not take care of themselves. Leaving their breast ( bear chest), not dressing their hairs, not keep the house neat, not putting proper clothing on as compare in courtship, living any how because she believes, she is already married. Men in general, love things that are new and look young, clean and presentable, fresh, good things attract them, Love to see her wife very sexy in a godly way. Men are unfaithful due to some women cannot be trusted properly in a hygienic way and dress properly.

Some women this day also goes astray in the family. Here are some of the causes. I have said a lot about the cause above but let me be categorically with women now.
Women are very passionate except troublesome wives. Due to their passionate nature, they love what they love and will dare to love anything accept what they love. A woman goes astray when they are frustrated in marriage. When a woman is not faithful, it not necessary means she does not love her husband.
1. When they are frustrated and confused
2. Lack of money
3. Lack of sex for a period of time. A woman can allow herself for you to be used but may not love, just to satisfy her sex desire
4. When men love their work more than their marriages
5. When men are not responsible
6. When a women turn into “Strange woman” in marriage (prefer prostitution in marriage).
7. When she is not satisfied in sex as I mentioned earlier among men. Sex is more important to women than men because, a women can have everything in the house, money, cars, luxury life but without sex, will give up soon or later in that marriage.
8. When Men are impotents and cannot perform well, many women goes astray.
9. Pre-ejaculation: When the woman is not satisfy before the man discharges his sperm, and the woman needs mores sex but the man cannot perform instantly. Women are more serious with their sex acts hahahahahaha.
10. When men are weak and cannot perform well.
11. When women go into marriage for possession for the family and could not meet that, can cause her to be unfaithful.
Most women are not content with their Husband and tend to compare the marriage to others.
Note I have already said a lot above which can cause women too.

Prayer: I pray that god will help our marriages.

Word of Advice: We must be prayerful and content with what we have. Married who you love to be with, throughout your life.

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