Avoid Confusion in the Family

Avoid confusion in the Family: Good Morning: When things are clumsy and confused in your marriage, look to Jesus. Dont be confused because things are confused in your marriage, look to Jesus. When one is confused and things too are confused all will sink and never come up again. Be strong in all your trials. When your partner is confused, dont be confused, stay strong to bring him or her up. If your child is confused, dont be confused to embarrass your partner. If you are a driver and your car is confused, dont become confuse or else Accident. If your wife is confused during this hot Christmas, take it easy and dont be confused. When the situations demand confusion, dont be confused so that you can control the system. The singles among us if your "anchor" is confused within you, dont allow your brain be confused. When a girl is confused within this Christmas, big boys, dont be confused. One must be positive while one been negative in confused environments. Immediate both are confused, your love will fly way. Oh I see, that is why things can be confused in the world but God will never be confused even a second in order to control the system. When both are confused, you may eat the wrong meat. Singles, if we are confused, we may eat wrong meat. Many are meant to stay but they are all confused. Dont be confused in everything that you are doing, what you are doing or engaging yourself in, can be confused but hold on to Christ Jesus. God bless you www.revivalchurchofchrist.com

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