Show Some Love to Your Partner & Your Neighbors

LESSON: SHOW SOME LOVE TO YOUR PARTNER AND YOUR NEIGBOURS. BIBLE VERSE: MT 5:44 but I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

LESSON: SHOW SOME LOVE TO YOUR PARTNER AND YOUR NEIGBOURS. Good morning: We must be lovely, act of love, sing act of love, move in love, eat in love, pray act of love. Love is very “expensive” and not everyone can have it. If you are favoured to have one, thank God. If you want to experience or go to another level in your family, show some love. When we exhibit love and kindness to our neighbours, God lift the family high. Show love to your partner, show love to your neighours. Oh yes! we must do it to show the different between a wicked person and a lovely person. The different between a wicked person and a lovely person is that, a wicked person hate his/her enemies with perfect hatred but a lovely person loves his/her enemies more because the wicked ones lack love and the only weapon, a lovely one can use to overcome him or her is love. A wicked person can do everything to pull the family down but with God’s love, you can render him or her powerless. Do not love those who love you alone, the wicked does the same. Have no hatred for your enemies because they have every weapon to pull you down. If they try you and could not succeed, they will try your wife, if they fail, they will try your children. Your neighours who hate you so much, show him or her some love. An enemy does not have the key of love to operate in a high level. What is going on between your partner and your neigbours, change the environment which the wicked cannot operate there. As war has no end so love has no end. Love is a strong wall that no one can break it. In competition, if you don’t have higher stamina than your opponent, how can you win? You need a weapon that your enemies can not get access, that weapon is love. As a family, I want you to change your prayer point, pray for more love around you. Don’t pray for your enemies to die because war has no limit. The more, your enemies die, the more they spring up. God loves David so much because He loves his enemy, King Soul. It is not easy to love your enemy but with God, it is easy. Remember if both are on the same level, who will win? Our prayers are against demonic spirit not flesh and blood. As for “flesh and blood need” more love from us. Marriage is not a battle field; but love filed, therefore learn how to say sorry without reason to win your partner. I lift up prayer in the name of Jesus; receive the spirit of love now in Jesus name. Every hidden enemy be exposed in Jesus name. You have a weapon of love that they don’t have, therefore over come now in Jesus name. They must surrender or else, God will handle them in unique way. I pray that God will bring your enemies to their knees for repentance. You are surrounded with wall of love, amen. Let us show the love everywhere. I love everybody here including myself. WORD OF ADVICE: Be wise in love and open your eyes to see clear before you step down. True love moves with wisdom from above. There are some that love Christmas, we wish you Merry Christmas. Send your prayer request through: WhatsAp number: +233243613286 It is well: Brethren keeper, we are one in the Lord.

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