It is good to renew our vow every year to keep it flesh. Marriage should be new all the time and renewed, because misunderstandings may spring up during the past year. Here are ten ways to renew our

vows to each other and God....

1. GO ON YOUR KNEES TOGETHER WITH THE FAMILY Since God is the author of the marriage, He is the only one we must go to when we want to renew our vow. Spend some days in fasting and prayer. Asking for forgiveness, strength, protection, wisdom, Holy Spirit presence from the Father. Be ready to hear from God through your dream, vision and the word of God. During these days, opens up conversation topics and creates a new dynamic. It could be a week of continuous Bible Studies etc.

2. LEISURELY WALK AROUND TOWN OR BEACH- TALK ABOUT THE PAST Discuss how you met each other and how things went for your good. Talking about the past reminds you of your shared history and what made you fall for your partner."Revisit your first date to rekindle the spark," "Talk about ' the good old days’, what you both used to enjoy and joke about the things you didn't like."

3. DO AWAY WITH YOUR DEVICES FOR A MOMENT Appoint a specific time, whether daily, weekly or monthly, to put away all your technological devices and communicate without interruption. You must stay far from home to avoid other interruption. Many could not have time for their home due to our devices. “24hrs/7 on whatsap” give a break and concentrate on your partner. "Having these tech timeouts is critical for a couple to build up their relationship. By making them a regular feature in your lives, both of you will know that there is always time for each other, no matter how busy you are”. We need to have time for one another as a partner.

4. HAVE SOME FUN YOU USE TO HAVE OR ADD MORE Play some game, anything you can do to have fun outside or indoor. Have fun! 5. Deal with recurring conflicts It’s important to address our differences or conflicts that recur but that are constantly swept under the carpet. "Not all conflicts can or need to be resolved, the main point is to be aware of the problematic ones,""Awareness is a powerful condition for solutions to follow. It’s only when we're aware that we're able to make our relationship better." I pray for wisdom for you

6. REJOICE OVER THE GOOD WORKS Show appreciation to Almighty God, what has worked in your marriage over the past year is a way to lift the mood of a relationship and motivate you and your husband to repeat desirable behaviour. Show appreciation to each other at the end of every year, helps partner to do more. "It focuses on the relationship strengths and the resourcefulnessof the couple to make their relationship more fulfilling". Count what the lord has done for you one by one and give thanks offering at Church. It’s good to celebrate what the lord has done through us.

7. Set common goals Set a goal for the New Year helps a lot, it reminds you every day, what you want the lord to do for you and the entire family.

8. Surprise each other Everybody loves surprise, specially our wives; give out surprise to your partner.

9. KEEP YOUR PROMISES (LET YOUR YES, BE YES) We must fulfill our promise to our love ones. It helps to develop trust and freedom of negative mind. "If you promised to do something for him this year, act on it before the year is up," "Trust is often developed on promises that are brought to fulfillment. A constant practice of trust will allow a relationship to grow." Amen

10. Affirm him/her It is good to assure one another and take vow with God to accomplish our goals. "Learn to show assurance and affirm each other in areas that were done well. Give good remark of each other like "You've done a good job!" mean a lot to your spouse, I guess.

Renew your vow this year and let your marriage be flesh and New again. Brethren Keeper, we are one in Christ Jesus.

Share with others for God to bless others too.

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